House is a forest

by KTS. Trịnh chiến Thắng | 12:25 PM in | comments (0)

designed by the Parisian firm R & Sie..

s5.jpgTheir idea basically is to create a void..the house, and surround it with a plantation of trees which make the house invisible as they grow. Although technically the house would be built inside the void, the concept blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Now here is a project that we can really call a Grow House- Spidernethewood by R&Sie in Nimes, France, for Urbain and Elisabeth Souriau. As best as we can figure from the architectspeak, it is a 4000 square foot summer house on two floors, with a 20,000 square foot "outdoor labyrinth" of polypropylene mesh wrapped around trees in a plantation; in five years the trees will be at the "right level."

We probably have to wait a while to see this grow into its own, but it is an interesting idea: create a framework, an infrastructure, and let the environment grow around you.

"Individual housing as a spider net creating clearing of a forest:"



1) Over density of existing forest plantation (trees will be at the right level in 5 years)


3) Netting and Wrapping the forecasted size of adult trees with a polypropylene mesh to develop a labyrinth in the branches


4) Including an Stealth indoor 400 m² summer building, on two floor, plugged and over connected to this labyrinth by huge sliding glass door (7x3.5 meters)


5) Blurring the boundaries inside/outside for a porosity sensation and windy refreshing


6) Living behind the indoor extension of the labyrinth / behind the plastic strip curtain, in an ''under-construction step’’, with no-design from the nearest corner shop mall.

A year later:


7) LOST GAME in the neighboorhood (in five years) for an architecture without any façade