Freelon Adjaye Bond to Design MAAHC

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The Smithsonian announced Tuesday [April 14th] that Freelon Adjaye Bond/SmithGroup [a collaboration between The Freelon Group, Adjaye Associates, and Davis Brody Bond] has been chosen from a group of six architects to design the National Museum of African American History and Culture - to be located in one of the last remaining sites on the National Mall. The project was chosen over those submitted by Diller Scofidio & Renfro, Norman Foster, Devrouax & Purnell and Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects, Moody Nolan and Antoine Predock, and Moshe Safdie and Associates - and will hopefully be on track for a 2015 opening.


Throughout the history of African-American struggle and celebration, there are these moments of praise,” he said. “It’s for us a deeply spiritual and powerful culture.

- David Adjaye on the the project

The building looks to be a metallic crown-like structure, sitting atop a stone base [complete with roof garden, seen below] - with skylights illuminating the interior, creating a sense of openness in the lobby spaces.


I have to say, I was pleasently surprised that this team won - not because of my feelings towards the design, but because I just assumed that this project being in Washington would mean that some Pei Cobb looking project would win, regardless of the ‘competition’. But I mean, who doesn’t like Adjaye’s work? The man is on some 9th dan level status, and this is no exception.

It seems to me that the project functions as an ‘object building’ [like every-other building in DC], without being in-your-face about it’s presence necessarily - or being architecture for architecture’s sake. GO check out the other entries, and maybe you’ll feel me - I’m a fan of Diller Scofidio & Renfro, but give me a break [plus, I’m not letting them off the hook for Boston’s ICA - that thing is not what everyone made it out to be].


I’m interested to see what’s going on with the patterning of this ‘crown’ thing - and of this undulating wooden [I think?] sculptural ceiling in the lobby. That, and maybe a more detailed explanation as to what makes this ‘African American’? I’m not sure it’s important that that plays a role in the actual form / appearance of the building - I’d just like to know how / in what ways it drove the design process.


::images + info courtesy of Davis Brody Bond -

Bamboo decoration in the city

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Where urban blessing betong, glass, iron, steel ... So, you want to do in the interior space to create feelings of comfort, but no less luxurious. It's easy if you combine with bamboo furniture - a representative of the skin, gently.

Strong bamboo, bamboo walls, simple ... but give the space a new life. With rustic shape, sometimes that khiu house but you are very close to nature.

A wall of the bamboo set them next to the plug to the buttonhole flower lotus pink, looks soft oily combination of lotus designs but straight pieces of bamboo tomorrow suddenly created a space actually Vietnamese.

You can use the entire body bamboo with a raw look to grow its first home, or the children themselves through castigate part, all seems to extend as narrow space of the city, creating feelings thoải mái.

You may encounter images bamboo anywhere in the house, from living room, bedroom, dining room, under stairs, well heaven ... but not where to do your leg, by the images they offering a safe healthy, as life, is resting at his home really relaxed.

Gold bamboo, green bamboo, bamboo tough or said some wires ... are offering you pictures in nature, bring the breath to the city. Just a little time, you can make your house has, comfortable and luxurious.

Dâu pagoda is PhapVan, DieuUng or CoChau, of Thanh Khuong, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh. How about 30km Hanoi. PhapVan pagoda with PhapVu, PhapLoi, PhapDien to contain the word four Phap. In addition to worship the Buddha of goddess worship: France Pagoda Third Van Dau, France Pagoda Third Vu Dau, France Pagoda Error Third Forum, France Pagoda Electric Third primitive.

It was built from the first principle in the Dau, under the Han luy called long, is a center of Buddhist Vietnam oldest. From the end of the VI century, Meditation sư Ti-ni-da-chi-save (Vinitaruci), a high background Nam, the colon has not yet convinced France, in the first Meditation Gender in Vietnam. Status oChua was raw Mac Đĩnh only stopped with the large scale in the XIV century and renovated several times in later centuries. In the court of power, and some portions of the engraved Tran, Le-time. Chua Hoa Phong tower with the famous, Legend has 9 floors, now only 3 floors, renovated in the year 1737. France Pagoda is a level as the origin of this ancient north, the pagoda is the first Buddhist Vietnam.

The pagoda is in the heart of the historical culture of the richness and level of home Kinh Bac. Which includes the ancient luy Lau, temples and tombs Sĩ nhiếp system pagoda tower, marks the central temple, palace, roads, wharves beach, street markets, hundreds of tombs and increasing furnace brick and tile, including ... witness of a long period of tens of centuries before and after Christ. Here is the capital of the District Transport, Communication is the Asia - central political, economic, cultural and Buddhist center of the ancient country.

Documents, the material remaining in the tank, especially the other "of France Chau Van Hanh Buddhist version", with 1752 year's results with research on the history of Buddhism in the history and Buddhist Studies have confirmed the tank is home of the Vietnam Buddhist ago appeared about 1800 years. At the beginning of resources, increase the doctor India, represented La Da phases, the area has Dau - News luy Lau, conducted dissemination Buddhism, founded the Buddhist center luy Lau - a center of Buddhism and oldest VN.

Pagoda tower was built next to the palatial citadel, temples radio, power supply, gác floor, Ben beach, busy street markets of urban luy long, the tank is a central system of pagodas and Buddhist worship despatch France (France Van Vu France, France Error, the French Electricity) - a feature unique in the combination of Buddhist India and popular beliefs of the Vietnamese in the area started. Tank into the center of Meditation Gender Ti-ni-da-chi-store, where pillars of many high-growth Vietnam, India and China come to study, compiled, translated in Buddhism, where increased training . The Ly-Tran, tank renovated to expand the large scale that people are in the original Mac Đĩnh Chi. The king, the same frequency of fine female dynasties back often to visit pagodas, Buddhist ceremonies, the island, the self.

Dau Pagoda Festival every year on April eight lunar-day celebration of Buddha Man Nuong form of lower female children. This is one of the Buddhist festival of the delta region and Northern du.

Through the changes in history, citadel, temples long palace center luy Lau is completely wasted. But not with Hoa Phong tower reaching high and hundreds of ancient pagodas still exist with time.

Especially ngôi Hoa Phong tower reaching 3 floors high, the system compatible France Van (ie initial), Kim Dong Ngoc women, the Mac Đĩnh Chi, the Church ngai, Quang Thach compatible, gravestone ... the heritage arts quarter and represented by the Le. Notably, the carving ván "Co Van Chau France Phật issued" a source of data is particularly important to help the research history in Buddhism.

Impressive Dau Pagoda

Dù ai đi đâu về đâu Hễ trông thấy tháp chùa Dâu thì về

Nearly two thousand years with the changing times and changes, may create now landscape tank has many other ancient. Heard, before the path to the beautiful pagoda. Through the three due to the wide beach and located between two long rows pond in the shade of ripe coffee rhythm class, the type of home she has found in Hoi An and some other places, pedestrian offering incense to the pagoda to worship Buddha . This is the pagoda was built early in Vietnam, right from the first centuries after Christ II.

Like many Temples in Vietnam, the tank kept the style of the country, the architecture of traditional East Asia. Four rows of the contact rectangle surrounding three ngôi Main Street Money, natural flavor and power. Hau Road xưa hours no longer available, but visitors are still pagoda witnessed forty time in settling the two sides described property. Centreboard pagoda tree is spread Hoa Phong tower. Tower type building with large tiles on the past, is to manually nung which color of some sam birth. Time to get on the six floors of the tower, now only three floors below, but in reputation, standing firm in the bottle thousand years. Stamp oldest remaining temple archeologist be determined from the Tran, first up is the biggest in 1313, of King Tran Anh Tong.

According to research school, with tank, namely the self-Dien, France letter, self meditation, ancient Asia from ... can life with the legend Man Nuong, one key to open deep level of cultural Kinh Bac. So, with the pagoda Nương Man is but a tank, tank, primitive pagoda, pagoda Forum despatch France: France Van Vu France, France Error, Electric France. Is the exchange flow of two Buddhist culture, one to India, one from the northern, where each is the "capital city" of the Vietnam Buddhist than ten centuries, first; with many famous professors with the bath Phật mùng eight months in every year:

Dù ai buôn bán trăm bề Nhớ ngày mùng tám thì về hội Dâu.

One of the impressive hard to forget where it is the colossus worship. Tuong Van prestige of France, taciturn, color co-hun. Beautiful face with dark mole to the proposal on the image to her impressive dancer, home to West Trúc where Cội source of good ideas in need, from Germany's - Bi - Hi - Xả. France with the Vu features the pure Vietnamese, Germany level, high. Especially two colossus Kim Dong Ngoc Nu put the two main mosques power pad to the village women of the country where this relationship. Designs the girdle ong oily, vành tissue on the diseased and soft, the clothes reaper three new range with seven new fraud Thuot tha ... Father he was very fine, delicate profits when setting the worship Kim Dong Ngoc Nu. Here, we encountered a beautiful flower in the Buddhist idea of the network, a form of spiritual culture imported, with spiritual, mental common, pure-minded. We also see here again a clear proof for the more cultural variables, the capitalization value of the spirit when you enter the.

On tank, the Thuan Thanh, as our bathroom is in the air over the old mark by more floors historical levels - culture. Here, urban stronghold Lau past the line Thien Duc Oanh pad the list of Hai Ba Trung start against the invasion of East Hán the first century. This river bookmark Tố of poetry to "rivers of flowing Dau, poems that lơ Lau luy to stop again." Here again, the land Rich Keo - with stories of her lass two modest, beautiful and become nhiếp y Lan clever, supervising the country, helped the king đánh vision. But there is Pen Thap Ba Buddha with thousand eyes, thousand famous hand; is a subtle East, where the soul of the beginning any circumstances always smiling on the gold paper messages. Moreover, the river road, "In the past white sand flat glass" time is almost as smooth had passed the historic wharves shore. And from the tank, we can turn horizontally in Thien Thai mountain or river on the other side of the road, offering incense to the King Ly life in there.

History has confirmed the location of the tank in cultural life, spiritual nation. Today, the tank is the State and the Church Buddhist Vietnam interested restored, to create respect worthy as "centers of Buddhist Vietnam" many centuries.

Phạm Quang Huân

List directory

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Western home is up from 16 th century with the box, place the column, because nóc ..., show creative quintessence of Vietnamese one. Tay Dang heads home in the series of Quang Oai, including the ancient village located on the hills of stone ong, an area of land Doai past, present under the capital Hanoi.


Is up from 16 th century, the oldest type of Vietnam. Moreover, in addition to already, in cultural heritage objects of the Vietnamese, have not detected any works are made from wood is intact with youth's far more ancient. Size Ngôi original layout: aspects of rectangles, in time, the Church on the mezzanine in between. Tả Mac, Mac property, construction of string to the next. Wooden house structure featured by the due nóc pattern "gia chieng" with the bunker on the curve, there are two pillars with two bưng are touching the enemy. Overseas nóc because this can only be seen in some architecture's youth are very ancient as tank (Bac Ninh), and uncalled-Khe Mui Pagoda (Hanoi), Thai Lac Pagoda (Hai Duong).


Visit Tay Dang, visitors may be attracted, the mother or by tens, hundreds of pictures in dragon engraved and Germany to follow the circle, set in bưng boats, the children, a role first balance, and paint. Ngôi not a home, the temple is a natural cultural variables to the dragon's. Roc gầy dragon body, human eye beyond the orbital, mouth wide há that no voice. It looked like the cõi heart away ... Ngôi home to 500 this year, visitors also encounter a France rarely seen items in the heritage architecture Vietnam: a range including the decoration of the smile in the painting aside, is connected with state riem placed under each set. The first female piper, pepper, causing the bottom out, out ... lunar Figure lotus, particularly pictures of flowers with tissue cúc tip wheeling state, touching on seven industrialization, road features very essence. Ngôi home village, which the poor and remote, but the king of creating a luxury, you right.


Dang Dinh Tay also present the hit of the description and the eternal and living life generally: Ganh market to children, woodman, with cày, coral, boating, ghẹo son of the village girls, alcohol ... Language shows the life of folk artists in touch with the language shown by the artists of the 20th century. Hits theaters on West wind đình Dang is with all four feet, with, under the mouth and smile well, the feeling of flight as làn wind, forget weight loss itself. The body column, xà, beginning balance, his seven home Western existing overcome refine the doors from: putrefactation, the destruction of flood and storm in the fire, destruction and the greed of life. The khúc, array pod vision that retain both a storehouse of creativity, sex and aspiration, as a witness.

Dinh Bang is an image unique architecture nation. Talking about the position ngôi house, land north of the structure of the ratings as follows:

Thứ nhất là đình Đông Khang

Thứ nhì đình Báng, vẻ vang đình Diềm.

Khang Dinh East today is not. With the beauty of architectural scale, engraved art, decorative arts and the more valuable is the table Dinh, tourists see a fully architecture home village is built into the first half of century XVIII, while the other person no longer keep the look intact again.

How Hanoi 20km north, Dinh Bang village Dinh (Dinh Bang) Tu Son district, Bac Ninh (past the Village of France). Regionally spiritual homeland is the Ly khandhas (ie Ly Thai To), who founded the dynasty and the morning of Thang Long capital (in 1010).

Long, the potential of each of Vietnam, when talking about village not forget who referred to one home village, because that is the quintessence of wisdom, effort, the prosperity of the village, pride of the village, where witnessing and place the size of the village ... where the guy left, including sending girls, expressed interest situation.

"Qua đình ngả nón trông đình

Đình bao nhiêu ngói thương mình bấy nhiêu"

Dinh Bang, including clusters of cultural relics, most are relics of the Ly, creating a unique memorial, sounder history, with the size countries, including enough: house, temple, pagoda, Lang, Tam .... characteristics of cultural villages Vietnam.

A corner home roofs Dinh Bang village

Dinh Dinh Bang village is an ancient one home most famous of Kinh Bac, built in 1700 and the year 1736 was completed, by the beginning of the Thac Nguyen Luong, Dinh Bang people and wives erotic Nguyen Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa in his purchase of iron wood villages offering construction, one may survive the (now home of the Nguyen Thac amount for trial before the Dinh Bang and still keep conservation) .

The home is where convergence cultural beliefs, the first house of worship many gods 3: High King's Son (Spirit Land), Ba Thuy Vuong's (Water Spirit), and Bach Le Dai Vuong (Spirit cultivation), is spirit of the residents are agriculture worship, wish the rain and wind for hoà lush crops. Every year on 12 lunar months of the open questions in an emergency for crops bội earnings. At home village people also worship chlorine (6 public have run into XV century. Later when Ly Bat De Temple is the only France in 1948, people received messages of eight because tidal the house of worship in Dinh Bang.

Dinh Dinh Bang is an image unique architecture nation, keep the image sovereignty of the type of flooring ethnic applied to architecture home village. Looking back the history from the first water, the image house floor is kept in the Dong Son bronze drum - a creation he fathers in the field of architecture houses. Can not bring one home do so after some ten centuries made against the floor on Dong Son bronze drum, but both realize that this form has room in trade, the inheritance and development of traditional architecture established since the first water.

Dinh Dinh Bang is a work of architecture, the first of three, including, the construction of two brick pillars to high - style cage, both sides have the reel invaluable roof, around the back yard wide, the two sides is two rows and tả vu vu. Like any other person, the most important Dinh Dinh Bang of architecture is the art of court Bai Road ('s house).

Bai road by Size rectangle, 20m long, 14m wide divided into seven hours, two bottles on a high platform bundle greenstone level two levels. Appears to do so by showing house through the roof toả width occupied 2 / 3 total height and 6 row, 60 column, large and small have lim diameter from 0.55 to 0.65 are placed on a rock the green square region.

When entering the house, you are welcoming and are attracted to the book all the quintessence of the engraved art of XVIII century. The first travel book for all visitors is the large door Vong at the same time belong outside. Vong files covering a large, extended from the Upper to Lower wages and remote end of a horizontal open space. Vong door hit long been combined in sophisticated touches on all 7 classes, 9 subjects in command, from you .... above the door Vong is the wooden ceiling mask between the roof with a decorative bird Phuong xoe large wings to gold bonanza around it.

State decoration on architectural components other very diverse, sophisticated sculpt, chau mice, harmony. Frame structure is quite stable home, associated with different types mộng way husbands bed "deplorable, lower from". Each picture engraved in the works is a famous unique. Occupies as the threshold, more and more are rolling smoke: files "Bat-free code quần" show life, see the release of mineral and definition of peace through this land, and images of the individual horse. Salary for the art world, đực child, children, each child a ticket. The touch of the great dragon xao: Long still congress, Ngu long tranh chau, long Ngự natural Luc ... each picture, each picture describing how the proposal.

2 months in 1946 Uncle Ho visited and Dinh Bang is one of the locations expected to prepare Congress for the first meeting. Ngôi home more famous than so.

Through more than 200 years since the start up, now home to Dinh Bang went to life is emotional and pride of the North in particular land, and the country in general.

Top teen Typical 2007

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Xem hìnhThe selection of this year not only by beautiful design, but also by the criteria to serve the business. This is the 10th year, BusinessWeek and Architectural Record and held the vote this.

There are more than 100 buildings around the globe have been on the list to select the 10 most typical. Criteria this year is set higher every year. The buildings outside of this impressive features in the architecture, must meet the for each activity for which it serves, from the office, commercial center, sports, museums ... The judges are the architects, journalists from BusinessWeek and Architectural Record.

1. Headquarters of InterActiveCorp in New York award-winning special. Works by groups KTS Gehry Partners Architecture Studios implementation. Many have compared the 10 storey high with a boat is no wind, is conveniently located near the Manhattan. This is a building is deemed to create the new image in the 21st century. Building fully automated, all activities are designed based on web applications. Interior has been reached is the U.S., help is not through. Corridors of public buildings are considered the world's largest with the walls of video resolution is very high.

2. Center performing arts for young people in the Toronto office KTS Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg performed.

3. Head of Investigation Department of the U.S. population in Suitland, Maryland State KTS by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill design.

4. Center Navy Federal Credit Union's Heritage Oaks Center, building one in Pensacola Florida by state KTS ASD group performed.

5. Center Performing Arts four seasons in Toronto by the KTS group Diamond and Schmitt made.

6. Building Hearst Tower in New York by the group KTS Norman Forster and colleagues perform.

7. Building headquarters Hubbell Lighting Greenville, SC KTS by McMillan Smith and colleagues make.

8. Of the SJ Berwin in London group hok architects.

9. Skiing Baseball San Diego Padres Ballpark Company Architecture Antoine Predock.

10. Gardiner Museum in Toronto (Canada) by KTS group Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg design.

With devoted to 'shape the natural landscape and cultural landscape, creating one of the' public space is the symbol 'of the city and "ensure the best design in all the building on three floors, architect Ken Maher has been awarded architecture leading Australia's national Academy of Architecture of Australia Awards 2009 Gold Medal for Architecture

The role of honor in the celebrations in Sydney, President Academy of Architecture Australia, Howard Tanner said that he is honored to announce an architect famous, landscape architect and owner policy designed urban Professor of HASSELL Ken Maher has Award winning Gold Medal in 2009.

User Award winning Gold Medal for architecture Architecture Association of Australia 2009: Ken Maher

On architecture, Ken Maher famous with more than 38 years the creation of a series of prominent projects in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and China. Only in Sydney, projects his projects include improving the Luna Park in northern Sydney, Olympic swimming pool in the North Sydney, Olympic station at Homebush, the building of the Academy National Arts (NIDA) and railway new Epping Chatswood. Abroad, he has an idea of the city center will be sustainable improvements in chiết Giang, China and heads the group designed a subway station in Singapore. In Melbourne, he is designing a new work extremely spacious for ANZ Bank in the Docklands.

Canberra Museums, Photograph: Patrick Bingham Hall

No less important, he is also known as the advocate for the 'commitment' and collaborate on architecture, operating one of the largest offices of Australia, the main contribution to the goods on urban design at both the state and Australia. He has the introduction of the Policy Planning Environment Country (SEPP) 65 in New South Wales (NSW), documentation of the design and the use of the investigation designed to enhance the development across Sydney. When awarding this, Mr. Tanner said that the Council judges Gold Medal completely trust Ken "for excellence in all areas." Comments of the judges has been quoted again: "Many architects discuss issues of public, but very few people can drive the change towards a positive nature and construction as Ken Maher . As Chairman of Consulting Urban Design by NSW Premier, he resolved the issue should settle the complex issues between the government and stakeholders intimate effectively. Results of the policy planning environment SEPP 65 countries, showing the Passion of architects with large projects in developing residential areas and ensuring the conditions of design and impact of the environment.

Parking Fox Studios, Photo: Patrick Bingham Hall

Of 49 th and awarded annually since 1960, Gold Medal Award is the highest architectural record the contributions of prominent architects have designed or operating the building quality, or who make the difference to contribute to the progress of architecture. Those who received the recent resolution of the architects have excellent performance as Richard Johnson, Kerry Hill, Glenn Murcutt, Jorn Utzon, Gregory Burgess, Keith Cottier, Brit Andresen and Peter Corrigan.

Academy of National Arts (NIDA), Photo: Patrick Bingham Hall

Australia who praise famous prize by Professor Maher including Mrs. Sydney Mayor Clover Moore, former director of NIDA-John Clark, and each is managed NIDA-Elizabeth butcher. Ms Moore said: "Very few architects in Sydnay have many server community gained awards and urban projects such as Ken Maher. I know Ken has over 10 years and has observed with 1 of admiration for work quietly but very clever in the shape of the cultural and natural landscape of Sydney. "She also added that:" When writing this, I remember on a talk by Ken Maher in the city in 2006, sustaining named Sydney (Sydney sustainability), then he outlined the 6 suggestions for creating a sustainable city in the future. All 6 proposals which has now been clearly identified in the Vision Sustainable Sydney 2030 in the city. Kent have strong understanding of the issues in Figure 1 of the city and he has influence beyond the city limits from a specialist's normal. "

Bể nơi Olympic phía Bắc Sydney, Ảnh: Patrick Bingham Hall

For his devoted for building NIDA, Ms. Clark and Mr. butcher said: "No one is acknowledging that contribute to the Ken architecture with Australia as well as knowledge capital and knowledge extremely large His. However we want to emphasize that the artists stage children present and the future are trained at NIDA, he owes all 1 Acknowledgments. We believe that other people will also agree with the actor Ralph Fiennes, who has described the song Parade by Ken at NIDA is a great song that he most have been working there. " When comments design new ANZ headquarters in Melbourne, Chris Carolan's Bovis Lend Lease said: "In a few years ago, the design and Lend Lease in I was very honored to be collaborating with Ken and in Hassell building a new office for ANZ in the Yarra River in Melbourne's Victoria Harbor. This project will be completed by the end of this year. It is one of the house most modern and friendly to the environment. This is the most excellent Ken Maher, a belief that the many places set by his ability to put their ambitions into reality. "

Olympic Park Station, Photo: Patrick Bingham Hall

Ken Maher has worked in Australia and many other countries world after graduating university in NSW in 1970 with first class medal and the RAIA Award for design. Then he continued to complete postgraduate courses in landscape architecture and research environment. Projects he has earned the awards prestigious awards including merit Academy, Canberra Medallion in 1988, awards architecture Lachlan Macquarie in 1995 National Award Sir Zelman Cowen in 1998, Sulman Medals in 1998 and 2002, and awards for the architects of the National Academy of Australia. He was the winner in many competitions in the country, is a member of the board of examiners is designed respected trainers and professional design. Currently he is professor of architecture at universities in NSW and often have articles on architecture.

Equipment based Westpac Place, Sydney, England: tyrone Branigan

Professor Mahner go around Australia for more than six months ahead to talk about his experience and architecture. This trip is co-founder of Institute, Steel BLUESCOPE funding. He will speak in Melbourne on Monday 11 / 5, Canberra - Wednesday 13 / 5; Hobart - Thursday 2 / 7; Adelaide - Wednesday 26 / 8; Perth - Thursday 27 / 8; Brisbane 5-second / 10; Darwin-Wed 7 / 10. He will present to speak on items AS Hook in Sydney last month to 10.

Some work by Ken Maher:

NSW - Sydney: Olympic Swimming Pool in the North Sydney, Olympic Park Station; Academy National Arts (NIDA); Pearl fe and Chifley Square, Car Park Fox Studios; transition Liverpool Street / Parramatta; Deutsche Bank (by Foster and Partners); public parks Victoria, Zetland, the master plan Cooks Cove, Sydney; Project shows strategies for sustainable Sydney 2030, Office Building, 2 Fitzwilliam Street, Parramatta; Equipment Headquarter Westpac, Sydney; railway route Epping Chatswood, Parramatta Civic Place, Sydney.

ACT: Bruce Psychiatric Hospital, Canberra Theater.

SA: the master plan river Precinct; Vision Center Box Port Adelaide and urban design, structure waterfront Promenade Shade, the master plan of Adelaide University, Vision Center Port Adelaide and urban design framework market.

VICTORIA: ANZ Headquarters, Docklands.

QUEENSLAND: Urban Area Kelvin Grove, Ideas urban design Northbank.

WA: BHP Tower, Perth, research design urban cultural center; Riverside Project, Common and Waterfront Hillside Precinct, Perth, Perth Metrorail Station, William St & Esplanade, Perth

CHINA: Expand Ningbo city center and new city; It designed the Exhibition Center Tianjin;

INDIA: ANZ Headquarters, Bangalore, India

SINGAPORE: 4 stations underground, Singapore Circle Line

In addition to the this project, HASSELL has the main works in all states of Australia and have influence in Asia. Council judges Gold Medal in 2009, President academia architecture national Howard Tanner, Former Chairman Alec Tzannes, Richard Johnson, who the Gold Medal in 2008 with 2 architects famous Elizabeth Watson-Brown and Greg Howlett.

A ong the stone wall in DuongLam

Ong bricks and stones not only in the construction of village road, which Lam is also making road blockade and around tree roots in the second relic is because Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung.

* Ong Ceramic stone - a feature cultural traditions and decorative features prominent in the village of Lam Road. Hanoi Located about 50 km and Son Tay Town - Ha Noi city about 5 km northeast of the village of Lam Road has become a tourist attraction is a large tourist to visit. To the tourist village just feel ancient beauty has been discovered air peace, dịu resort village of Vietnam. Read more, listen more to the ancient village of Duong Lam still getting that open to us. Saying: "Percentage of hearing find a" mode has carried us to the actual visit to the village full of interesting games between teachers and school science Vietnam. * Construction of stone house ong Results fail any moment! When you stop at my home village feel a new landscape is very, very beautiful and very Việt again. Scenery around has caused attention to anyone but my own with a disturbed when I come, those bricks STONE ONG. * Ceramic stone as he was like? I was walking around the village of Lam Road to find out and then the subject but little but made me write up the research and learn about his works is set in stone bricks ong. At first I also thought the same lot that you rock the people he was cast in the village, and to create materials mainly for projects in the village. But it is the deducing, but the fact I had interviewed the Compose Van Ha, 75 years old, keeping the management of the home village of Mong Phu. When asked the dedicated, said: "Ceramic construction on the wall of the house, or around one house, ... is not such as bricks in the other country that is built with bricks and stone him. Ong bricks and stones from the natural, available underground and dig up the molds and use cutting member. This material is essential to building works, particularly works of the ancient. So that is called Vietnamese village with him ". * Effects of brick stone ong Ong stone bricks capital is sure, is highly durable and is ideal as long as scabrous as the other main features such as state, decorated very fine contribution add to the aesthetic temple. Ceramic stones he was used to house construction, the pagoda has the aim to create sustainability, solidly for the home always implementation across all previous disasters and play with any enemy invasion time. The house was built of brick with stone ong currently still very sure but it has experienced a very long time nearly 400 years. Ong bricks and stones not only in the construction of village road, which Lam is also making road blockade and around tree roots in the second relic is because Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung. So, can see brick stone ong role is important in the construction of village to village mãi become ancient Vietnamese village in Vietnam, where many stored impression for visitors and foreigners . Although now there are many modern materials for the building but still can not replace the bricks beautiful stone ong other. And the house looks very high-rise luxury mọc up around will not obscure or cause concern than the little girl home, but low horizontal implementation. The praiseworthy is the power of high pressure was to the village of Lam Road, as it increases the beauty of the ancient house is brick Wall tiles and stone ong signal a Gospel that always Lam Road and existing development .

Dry landscape garden Japan

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As manifestation of the "Dry Landscape Garden" (Karesansui) Japan is simulating natural scenery in the garden (đình Vienna), one of France's unique hands Vienna art (artists in the garden), showing the landscape a look variability of natural remote past to the mark awarded, the Hon Stone years ago that the clutter along the shallow stream was dry, dry offset horizontal shore vắt Broken, gai no original convolve you, bring the contemplate feelings of red-tape, to a change of employment, but the feedback is "marked ancient chariot workshop to complete."

Dry landscape garden is a type designed to benefit the local terrain full of gardens, devoted a section behind the home, for example, to create a decorative landscape deserted - the name painted in water. As we know the gardens from Japan is the most important requirements of the different departments, and also a doa the different parts of the garden landscape. France used the simulation to a deserted part solely coordinate the rest of the garden, flowers green grass, hills slot swig of water, into the pond, the stone up the lights for night to low Gold up flame hắt face down in pond; "trees chen chen, was flower, grass trees cut flowers purple tuom all smart streamlined, and a natural landscape're sure full of fresh vitality. Mainly by the France building the garden to dry out loans (the nurse) asked "Tan Tran colonel" (new old different), a universe of about impermanence.

After the Tay Thien Vinh Professor (1141-1215 Rising Tour CN Japan), Nguyen Dao (1200-1253) Meditation Tông take on Japan, can begin to see Dry Landscape Garden in the convent Tong Meditation, gradually Dry Landscape Garden is the wide dissemination of the Meditation school. At this period the Garden District of Dry Landscape mainly in the Monastery, because it manifests the characteristics of the exposed bộc of meditation.

Starting from time Khiêm Trade (estimated 1125-1573 CN) the consequences, through the era of Decor (Convention Industry 1336-1573), Son Dao (estimated 1573-1602) era to Giang Ho (estimated 1603-1715 CN) a period of 300 years is the period when all kinds of garden Landscape Dry Japan. Individual in time of Decor, the upper quarter of ethnic nhã Sung, luxuriant, as the relation of Mac Phu Tuc 3 The procedure of Man (CN 1358-1408) and Chief of Loi Tuc (CN1435-1490) that of Mac Phu tycoon rival 8, creating a two gác gold luminous son is Kim words and Ngân AutoLinks in Kinhdo (Kyoto). At this time the race you are very popular subjects in art and Japan, they are creative, promote, improve the professional art of archery, make art, of the Universe, plug flowers, tea, should form the subject of art and "Dao" that today we still enjoy the flavor of the vibrant home page of the flowers in the garden art of Japan.

Now we return to the subject art Dry Landscape Garden, from a period in its 12 th century to 13 century many conversion. According to the magazine "Nipponia" No. 8, 1999 wrote "... Kamakura period in 13 centuries, the Japanese garden design applications mê say the latest trends in China. Time that China is the most popular types of home-station Suiboku (Mac site water, ink paintings by Tau) Monochrome. Arabia-style painting, the garden of the selected block has a special image processing, the symbol for mountains mọc up on the white sand beach - a symbol for the sea. This style is Kasesansui (dry landscape), a style becomes ideal Muromachi period (14-15 centuries). Style Karesansui mainly prevalent in the Monastery, as it is described the rugged spirit of meditation is to pursue the now.